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Personal Shopping

Savvy shopping.

Shopping list in hand, we'll rack up the stores, showing you where to shop, what to shop for and how to shop. ​Our stylists will scour the shops to find the best items for you budget and body, ensuring you spend well. Although we can't ensure that you'll never buy that shirt which gets lonely having never been worn, we can help you shop smart.

​Discover how to select new styles (keeping your existing wardrobe in mind) that will express your lifestyle, personality and figure.

​“Meet me at the dressing room” is a great way to shop. You arrive at the store and you try on the clothes pulled out for you by your stylist, with on-the-spot style advice on every item. Your stylist will bring other sizes and put outfits together for you. We can either shop with you or bring the clothes to your door to try on at your convenience.

​This service is ideal for people that simply do not have time to shop for work-wear, a special event or general clothing, interior pieces and gifts.



Personal Shopping What to wear on a date sexy outfits
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